Useful Links


Information used to compile this website:


Eating Disorder Support Group (now known as StampED) leaflet


Bodywhys: The Eating Disorder Association of Ireland


Australian Centre for Clinical Interventions


Royal College of Psychiatrists public information on eating disorders




Other useful links

There's lots of information out there about eating disorders, both postive and negative in nature. Here are some more sites we like:


B-EAT: Beating Eating Disorders formerly Eating Disorders Association UK


National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE): Eating Disorders: information for the public about the treatment and management of eating disorders in the UK  


NHS Choices: Eating Disorders


Disordered Eating: Information about Eating Disorders


National Centre for Eating Disorders


Something Fishy: raising awareness and promoting recovery


BBC Health: Eating Disorders                                                                        


Dove: campaign for real beauty


Kings College London: Institute of Psychiatry (The Laurence Trust, specifically for men suffering from eating disorders)



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