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Imelda McLeod

My name is Imelda McLeod and I am the Clinical Services Manager for the Adult Eating Disorder Team in the NHSCT.

I have a BSc Hons Degree in Adult Community Mental Health Nursing and my experience includes general and psychiatric nursing, commencing in the Waveney Hospital Ballymena in 1983 and then proceeding to training in psychiatry. Most of my early psychiatric experience was on the acute admission units (Tobernaveens) and in PICU (Intensive care) before I became a Psychiatric Community Nurse, working across the NHSCT for a period of 10 years. I enjoyed this experience immensely and became very interested in the field of Eating Disorder. Previously there were no Specialist Eating Disorder Teams, although there was some limited training for those working in this area. In 2006, the Eating Disorder Services were established across Northern Ireland. This followed reviews by the Dept of Health and the Trusts themselves, which identified via the Bamford Report, the need to have Specialist Teams specifically to treat those with an Eating Disorder.

I applied for what is my current post and was first member of the NHSCT Team, In 2009, funding allowed us to access evidence-based training in core Psychological Therapies in the treatment of Eating Disorder, although at that time there was very little research on what treatments were most effective. That is why we are now measuring our outcomes and, through our 10 years of experience, we hope to be able to identify what works for individuals, safe in the knowledge that it is certainly not a case of `one size fits all`.

I`m very proud of the Eating Disorder Service and the strong bond we all share. I`m also very proud of our relationship with Stamp ED (STAMP OUT Eating Disorder) and we are delighted with the recent award for Innovative Practice from the Martha McMenamin Initiative. This will provide us with funding to revamp the current StampED website and to add apps, which will provide each individual with time of next appointment, time of next Stamp ED meeting and their own personal Wellness and Recovery Plan (WRAP) which can be updated and emergency numbers included, if required. The NHSCT is the first Trust to do this.

Anne Galloway

I’m Anne Galloway and an Occupational Therapist by profession. I graduated from the University of Ulster in 1991 with a Bachelor of Science Honours Degree in Occupational Therapy. I have a wide remit of experience working in mental health services both inpatient and community as well as working within community brain injury service for nine years.

I joined the Eating Disorder Service in 2015. As well as working alongside other Eating Disorder Therapists and our Dietitian, my role as an Occupational Therapist includes functional work, groups and educational/ vocational input where appropriate. One of my colleagues and I in conjunction with one of our service users have facilitated a number of WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Plan) groups and have found that participation in such groups complements perfectly the therapeutic work being carried out on a one to one basis by therapists.

I look forward to continuing with this and being involved in the future developments in service delivery.

Anne McCormack

My name is Anne McCormack and I have been an Eating Disorder Therapist in the Northern Trust Eating Disorder Service for the past 10 years. Throughout my nursing career of 30 years I have had a specific interest in Eating Disorder and being dual qualified in Mental Health and General Nursing has allowed be to develop my clinical expertise in treating the body and mind as both are cruelly impacted by Eating Disorders.

I have previously worked in Crisis Response and in Psychiatric Liaison services. I continue to
take special interest in self –harm and Suicide prevention by teaching ASIST (Applied Suicide
Intervention skills Training) for the Northern Trust and community groups. I have on-going clinical supervision and professional development through Living Works in Calgary, Canada.

Within the Eating Disorder Team I have had specialist training and on-going supervision in the
following therapies: Motivational Interviewing, CBT, CBT-E (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Enhanced), BIW (Body Image Work), EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitizing and Reprocessing).

I enjoy working closely with Stamp-ED to provide additional support the carers and sufferers. It is extremely humbling and satisfying to treat someone with an Eating Disorder, support them
and their family to recovery and witness them empowering others to recovery within Stamp-ED

Fiona McKee

My name is Fiona McKee and I and I have worked as an Eating Disorder Therapist in the Northern Trust for 7 years.

I have been a Psychiatric Nurse from 1984 and spent 4 years working as a Community Psychiatric Nurse in Birmingham.

Whilst working in the Acute Admission wards in Holywell I gained an interest in working with people with Eating Disorders and began to increase and further develop my knowledge, by completing the accredited Eating Disorder course, resulting in taking up post with the EDT.

Within the Eating Disorder Team there is on-going specialist training with regular training updates on any new developments. We have been trained in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy-Enhanced for Eating Disorders, Motivational Interviewing, Body Image Work, SSCM (Specialist Case Management) and ASIST (Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training) as well as other Mandatory Training.

My role as an Eating Disorder Therapist is very rewarding, but not without any challenges. Great satisfaction is achieved seeing someone change his/her life around as well as the positive changes it makes to the whole family. Unfortunately Eating Disorders have a severe impact on the family as well as the sufferer so it is important to work with the family with the patient’s permission.

I enjoy working closely with Stamp-Ed where we provide additional support to Carers
and Sufferers. There is also great satisfaction working with a variety of age groups at
Health Fairs to promote awareness of Eating Disorders, offer advice and guidance
as required.

Gemma White

Hello my name is Gemma White, and I am an Eating Disorder Therapist in the Eating Disorder Team. I qualified in 2007 from University of Ulster with a Bachelor of Science Honours Degree in Mental Health Nursing. I worked in Holywell Hospital for a number of years and through my work there I
developed an interest in working with Eating Disorders.

I joined the Eating Disorder Team in 2014 and completed the PgDip in Eating Disorders, ASIST
Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training, Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing (EMDR) level 2, Motivational Interviewing level 2, Counselling Skills in Practice, Certificate in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Specialist Supportive Clinical Management (SSCM), including other relevant updates relevant to my employment by the Northern Health and Social Care Trust, and receive supervision relevant to my training.

I am also a qualified facilitator in Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP) and facilitate groups within the team in conjunction with one of my colleagues and one of our ex-service users.

I enjoy working alongside Stamp-Ed and feel this is an invaluable resource to offer advice, guidance and provide that much needed support to carers and sufferers.

Joanne Coyles

My name is Joanne Coyles. I completed a BSc Honours Degree in Mental Health
Nursing in 2004 and then worked in acute psychiatric admissions before I started
working with the Eating Disorder Service as a Therapist in 2008. In 2006/2007 I was given the opportunity to complete a post graduate diploma in Health Studies: Eating Disorders and this gave me more understanding and interest in the treatment of
Eating Disorders, after this I was primary nurse for those admitted to the ward with a diagnosis of an Eating Disorder. Since working in the team I have been privileged to have had more specialist training, I have completed Transdiagnostic Cognitive Behavioural Therapy foe Eating Disorders (CBT-E) with professor Chris Fairburn, Multi Family day treatment, Body Image Work training, Motivation Interviewing Level 2, EMDR, Assist, Bounce, WRAP Level 1, Specialist Supportive Clinical
Management (SSCM) , Brief Solution focused Therapy and Developmental-Systematic Individual Work with people with Eating Disorders-the 5 step to achieve change model. I enjoy my work within the team and the challenges it brings with it.

Karen Fisher

I am the Eating Disorder Dietitian within the NHSCT Eating Disorder Service. I qualified in 1991 with A BSc(Hons.) in Nutrition and Dietetics and have worked as a registered Dietitian since.I have worked in various clinical settings including paediatrics, medical, surgical and rehabilitation wards, community out-patient settings for 18 years before joining the Eating Disorder Service in 2011.

I have developed my skills in this area, with training from University of Ulster , year long accredited course in Eating Disorders ( 2011/12), CBT-eED from Chris Fairburn (2012 and 2013) and from Gerard Butcher (2015), Behavioural Change Training for Dietitians , stage 1 and 2 ((2010) and stage 3 (2013),
Body Image Training ( 2012 and 2016) and Motivational Interviewing part 1 and 2 (2016), Wellness Recovery and Action Planning, WRAP, (2014).

I am also involved in creative projects funded by the Trust and through Arts Care such as the
Read.Live.Learn project and the Creative Writing classes which have resulted in 2 publications ‘The Rain after the Rainbow’ and ‘Words Don’t Fail Me’ , where individuals with Eating Disorders
developed new skills and felt empowered to be able to support others.

I also attend STAMP-ED , the Northern Trust support group for people with Eating Disorders on a rota basis with my other therapy colleagues, once monthly.

Paul Devlin

My name is Paul Devlin and I am a Senior Social Work Practitioner/ Therapist in the Adult Eating Disorder Team in the NHSCT.

I have a M.A./Diploma in Social Work from Queens University,Belfast. I qualified in 1993 and after initially working in Childrens Services I was employed in Antrim Hospital Social Work Department before transferring to Mental Health Services in 2001.

I have worked as a social worker in Community Mental Health Teams,Crisis Response and
Home Treatment Team and as Team Leader of a Community Mental Health Team,all within
the NHSCT.I have been working in The Eating Disorder Service since August 2016.

I have endeavoured to continue my professional development throughout my career and
have completed a wide range of post qualifying courses,including as an Approved Social Worker, Practice Teacher, Motivational Interviewing, Wellness Recovery Action Planning(WRAP), Body Image work and Eye Movement Desensitation Reprocessing (EMDR) Levels 0ne and Two.