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Imelda McLeod

My name is Imelda McLeod and I am the Clinical Services Manager for the Adult Eating Disorder Team in the NHSCT.

I have a BSc Hons Degree in Adult Community Mental Health Nursing and my experience includes general and psychiatric nursing, commencing in the Waveney Hospital Ballymena in 1983 and then proceeding to training in psychiatry. Most of my early psychiatric experience was on the acute admission units (Tobernaveens) and in PICU (Intensive care) before I became a Psychiatric Community Nurse, working across the NHSCT for a period of 10 years. I enjoyed this experience immensely and became very interested in the field of Eating Disorder. Previously there were no Specialist Eating Disorder Teams, although there was some limited training for those working in this area. In 2006, the Eating Disorder Services were established across Northern Ireland. This followed reviews by the Dept of Health and the Trusts themselves, which identified via the Bamford Report, the need to have Specialist Teams specifically to treat those with an Eating Disorder.

I applied for what is my current post and was first member of the NHSCT Team, In 2009, funding allowed us to access evidence-based training in core Psychological Therapies in the treatment of Eating Disorder, although at that time there was very little research on what treatments were most effective. That is why we are now measuring our outcomes and, through our 10 years of experience, we hope to be able to identify what works for individuals, safe in the knowledge that it is certainly not a case of `one size fits all`.

I`m very proud of the Eating Disorder Service and the strong bond we all share. I`m also very proud of our relationship with Stamp ED (STAMP OUT Eating Disorder) and we are delighted with the recent award for Innovative Practice from the Martha McMenamin Initiative. This will provide us with funding to revamp the current StampED website and to add apps, which will provide each individual with time of next appointment, time of next Stamp ED meeting and their own personal Wellness and Recovery Plan (WRAP) which can be updated and emergency numbers included, if required. The NHSCT is the first Trust to do this.