An evening of essential oils with Aine Wallace.

An evening of essential oils with Aine Wallace.

Aine Wallace came along to August’s meeting to talk to the group about aromatherapy and the benefits of using essential oils. Essential oils are concentrated substances extracted from any part of a plant (including the roots, stem, leaves, or seeds) that contain volatile or “active” compounds.  They are believed to possess a litany of beneficial qualities, as Aine explained to us in great detail. For instance, lavender oil is used to promote relaxation and restful sleep, and blue tansy oil can be used help to soothe aches and pains.

After demonstrating how to use essential oils correctly and safely (Note: they need to be diluted in a suitable carrier oil, such as fractionated coconut oil, before they can be applied topically to the skin and one should not drink them!), members of the group were able to concoct their own bespoke blends using the vast array of oils and materials Aine kindly brought along with her.

It was an exceedingly interesting and enjoyable evening, and it’s safe to say members of the group left feeling refreshed, relaxed and revitalised!

StampED would like to extend their warm thanks to Aine for her time, generosity, and wisdom, which we were all grateful for.

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