Edel Houston’s Legacy: The Lap of the Lough

Edel Houston’s Legacy: The Lap of the Lough

 Anthony Houston completed this bicycle ride in memory of his daughter Edel Houston, who sadly lost her life to an eating disorder in June 2015, raising much needed funds for StampEd, as it was a support group both he, his wife Rhonda and Edel got much help and support from.







96 mile Lap of the Lough completed in memory of Edel Houston to raise funds for StampEd

Anthony and nephew Niall who also did the cycle.



Anthony and St Malachys college teacher Liam McGuinness who arranged this.



The team



Last Few Yards




Anthony, Rhonda, Louis and Muriosa at the finish line.




Busy at the finish line


In Memory of Edel Houston (Anthony Houston)

In June 2015, our extended family experienced the ultimate devastation an eating disorder can cause when my cousin Edel was taken from us, at just 23 years old, through her own strive for what she perceived as perfection after taking a dangerous diet pill purchased on line.

Throughout her battle with her weight Edel remained a kind, caring and thoughtful individual and relished her role as a big sister and loved both Halloween and Christmas time, when she spoiled her family with presents.

Edel had been attending a small charitable support group Stamp -ED, which as well as offering support meetings for sufferers and carers. The charity aims to raise awareness of the symptoms and signs of eating disorders and sharing positive stories of recovery to inspire sufferers. Please click the link below and chooses go to learn more about this charity.


Her parents have been proactive in helping raise awareness of the Dangerous diet pill DNP and raising funds for the amazing work this small charity does. They also have done an interview on utv below to highlight their story.


Anthony Houston.